NAUI vs. PADI – What You Need to Know In 2022

8. NAUI vs. PADI1
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If you’re interested in learning how to SCUBA dive properly, take a closer look at NAUI vs. PADI below.

The first non-profit organization in the US to offer scuba certification is NAUI. Since 1960, NAUI has operated out of Florida and promotes safe diving by providing extensive diving courses for novices and experts alike. Similar diving courses to those provided by PADI are offered by this organization. PADI is the most well-known scuba certification organization, with NAUI coming in second.

What Are NAUI and PADI?

You must complete your training with a reputable training organization if you want to become a certified SCUBA diver. These organizations can be found all over the world, but the two most prestigious ones are PADI and NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors).

Both training organizations are highly regarded and approved as complete and secure SCUBA diving training providers by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Since there isn’t a single global regulatory body that regulates SCUBA training and certification programs, the ISO recognition is a significant footnote. Since many national standard organizations trust the ISO, an international organization, with the task of setting standards, it is a vote of confidence in the quality of training that these two agencies provide.

What You Need to Know About PADI

One of the largest and most renowned dive certification organizations in the world is PADI. A variety of performance-based diving lessons and courses are available to divers at this facility, which has been in operation since 1966.

Although the training institution’s main offices are in the US, it has centers all over the world, which is a testament to its prestigious global standing. More than half of all professional divers in the world receive their training and certification from PADI.

What You Need to Know About NAUI

NAUI was founded in 1960, making it the nation’s first SCUBA certification organization. Based in Florida, it promotes safe diving for both novice and seasoned divers by providing incredibly thorough diving courses.

There are a few differences despite the fact that the institute offers nearly identical courses to PADI. That’s why PADI takes the cake as far as the “most prestigious SCUBA diving school” title is concerned, with Very closely following NAUI is NAUI.

The Main Differences: Naui Vs Padi

The similarities and differences between NAUI and PADI are frequently questioned by brand-new SCUBA divers. Making a decision between these two diving certification agencies can be challenging because they are the most renowned in the United States. However, the organizations are very similar in general. Below are the few exceptions that set the two agencies apart.

  1. Business Structure. The oldest non-profit certification body is NAUI, while PADI is a typical for-profit corporation.
  2. Naming Conventions. Divers of all skill levels can earn certifications from both organizations, including those for free diving, open water diving, and introductory diving. However, the two organizations do refer to the same training under different names. For example, their basic training programs are known as “Open water” at PADI vs. “Open Water SCUBA diver” at These programs, as well as others, all have similar practical diving applications.
  3. Life-saving Skills. One agency places more emphasis on a select few skills than the other does. For instance, the primary distinction between the certifications at the foundational level is that NAUI trains its divers in the fundamental techniques for saving an unconscious diver, whereas PADI does not. An additional skin dive is needed for NAUI certification, but not for PADI. The US Navy uses NAUI certification due to these factors. This might influence some new divers to choose this organization over PADI.
  4. Timetable for certification. As soon as you master all the program’s prerequisite skills with PADI, you become certified. With NAUI, however, you must first finish the skills. Before certifying you, your trainer must first determine that you are capable of handling the water.

Otherwise, both organizations are significant players in the SCUBA diving sector. When comparing NAUI and PADI, keep in mind that both organizations offer divers special opportunities, promote ocean conservation, and offer resources to divers of all levels around the world. Just keep in mind that you will be able to dive with a SCUBA regardless of the certification organization you select.

8. NAUI vs. PADI2

Train With Divers Institute of Technology

Whether you have your certification from NAUI or PADI, a rewarding diving career could be right around the corner. Divers of all types are trained at Divers Institute of Technology. Our main goal is to develop a diver who is balanced and capable of succeeding in all facets of commercial diving. You’ll benefit from an intensive, practical curriculum, get hands-on diving experience, and network within the diving community.

NAUI Vs PADI – Which One Should You Choose?

Such a question is never easy to answer because so many personal biases are at play. However, if you’re going merit by merit, it’s crucial to remember that the ISO recognizes both organizations, and both have produced world-class SCUBA divers all over the world through training and certification.

As a result, your certification will be valued and recognized more widely around the world if you obtain it from PADI rather than NAUI because PADI has centers all over the world. Furthermore, PADI is concentrated on teaching you the skills you would require when diving virtually anywhere in the world.

While it is true that NAUI teaches and certifies essentially the same skills as PADI, some would argue that NAUI does so in a more practical manner. PADI courses place the institution at a slight disadvantage because NAUI courses aren’t offered in as many locations as possible.


Are PADI and NAUI Interchangeable

The primary distinction between the certifications at the fundamental level is that NAUI trains its divers in the fundamental techniques for saving an unconscious diver, whereas PADI does not. A skin dive is also necessary for NAUI certification, but not for PADI. Because of these factors, NAUI certification is used by the US Navy.

Is NAUI Internationally Recognized

NAUI leaders are recognized worldwide for their exceptional skills and expertise.

Does PADI Recognize NAUI?

Yes the agencies to recognise each other. so Taking the course with NAUI is acceptable. Keep in mind that only YOU are responsible for your safety while submerged.

How Long is a NAUI Course?

NAUI Open Water Diver course takes 4 days total and consists of three main phases: Gaining knowledge to comprehend the fundamentals of scuba diving. Two confined water dives to practice poolside scuba diving fundamentals!

Does NAUI Expire?

Like PADI, recreational The NAUI certifications are perpetual. Divers without recent certifications or dive experience will probably be required to take some sort of refresher course; this could be offered by NAUI or another certifying organization.

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